Never Give Up: Notes from the Tough Mothers

Never Give Up: Notes from the Tough Mothers bukuaab1


What is the secret toughness of a woman?

Women have been commonly recognized and known mostly as soft-hearted when it relates to domestic affairs which is unbelievable when they have to fight to overcome any problem, whatever it is.

In this book, 10 tough women can go up against various problems with patience, humility and sincerity.

How could they face these problems?  It is proven that only with faith and a sincere soul.

How do they deal with a sick husband, a child who died successively, polygamy, living far away from their hometown?. How do they raise a small child who has a terminal illness, or autism while she is a working mom?

How do these women become very tough? The book is an Indonesian version and can be ordered through


Euis Fauziah

The author is a mother of three, living in Indonesia. She loves children; and education is her expertise.

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