O Muslimah…Can we Kiss and Hug while Fasting?

O Muslimah…Can we Kiss and Hug while Fasting?

It is mentioned in many hadiths besides Nasa’i,

O Muslimah...Can we Kiss and Hug while Fasting? 185933 1780529586577 1039552582 2447805 5374044 nAnd from Aisha RA, she said: the Prophet Muhammad SAW kissed (me) and sparked (mubasyarah) while fasting. But he is the most

capable in controlling his desire.

The above hadith shows that kissing can be done by people who are fasting, and the fast is not cancel.

Another hadith narrated from Abu Hurairah RA:

That, a man asked the Prophet pbuh about mubasyarah for people who are fasting. He (the Prophet) gave him leniency. And there was another man coming to him, then he prohibited the man from doing mubasyarah.  Obviously he gave waiver to the old man, and he prohibited to the young (Al Bayhaqi from Aisha).


The conclusion is, for people who are fasting, kissing and mubasyarah are permissible without any difference whether they are young or old, and also it makes no difference whether it’s a kiss on the cheek or mouth, and whether the mubasyarah is by touching or hugging, but only for people who are ABLE to control their lusts.

As for those who know that their lust will rise when kissing or making out, and worry out of semen, then it is makruh for them. This is agreed by Hanafi and Shafi’i scholars.


Source: Fiqhul Mar’ah Al Muslimah by Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Jamal

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