Oh Muslima, here is your medicine to combat sadness!

Oh Muslima, here is your medicine to combat sadness!

Oh Muslima, here is your medicine to combat sadness! basmalah mainIn today’s world we are given a pill to swallow for whatever pain we may have.  This includes sadness.  As we all twirl around in our worlds we are left with just ourselves which in many cases leads to sadness.  In the world of Islam we are given a tool by Allah SWT to combat any kind of pain – it is the power of du’a / doa / prayer / supplications.  Allhamdullilah!

Our beloved Prophet shallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam taught us that when we are Sad ..

 say this du’a (supplication):

اللهم إني عبدك ، ابن عبدك ، ابن أمتك ، ناصيتي بيدك ، ماض في حكمك ، عدل في قضاؤك أسألك بكل اسم هو لك ، سميت به نفسك ، أوانزلته بكتابك أو علمته أحدا من خلقك أو استأثرت في علم الغيب عندك، أن تجعل القران ربيع قلبي و نور صدري و جلاء حزني و ذَهَابَ همي

Allahumma inni ‘abduka, ibnu ‘abdika, ibnu ammtika, nashiati biyadika, madhin fii hukmuka, ‘adlun fii qadha uka, as aluka bii kulli ismin hua laka, sammaita bihi nafsaka, aw anzaltahu fii kitabika, aw ‘alamtuhu ahadan min khalqika, aw asta-tsarta bihi fii ‘ilmilghaib “indaka, an taj’al Qur’ana rabi’al qalbi wa nuur ssadri wa jala-a huzuni wa dzahaba hammi.

“O Allah, I am Your slave, your son of (Adam) and the child slave daughter of (Hawa). My forehead on your hand, your decision applies to me, your qadha to me is fair. I ask You by every name (good) which has belong to You , or that You send down in your book, or You teach to someone from Your creation, or for Yourself that You specialize in unseen by Your side, You  make the Qur’an as cool in my heart, light in my chest, make grief and sorrow gone from me . ‘(Narrated by Ahmad- HR Ahmad)

If you say this du’a, Allah will change your sad to be happy Insha Allah. So, don’t be sad, Allah always with us.  Ameen.


Qathrun Nada Djamil

A wife and a mother of 4 children. Lives at Jeddah-Saudi Arabia.Graduated from faculty of Law-University of Indonesia, Jakarta-Indonesia. Finished diploma of Business English at Business Training Limited -England

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