Oh Muslimah…have YOU thought about what is REALLY Important?

Oh Muslimah…have YOU thought about what is REALLY Important?

Oh Muslimah...have YOU thought about what is REALLY Important? aMuslimaDeen

Assallamu Alaikum,

I wish you a warm salaam…I hope tonight is a beautiful night for all of us especially for those leaving to the Holy land. Something to remember.

My dear sisters in Islam,

I used to admire those persons who are smart, very wealthy and very successful in their life and career.

Today, I have chosen to change whom I admire.

I now admire those people — although simple in dress and actions — which are successful in their deen and in the eyes of Allah swt.  They are those who are steadfast in following the word of Allah swt.

I also used to choose anger because I felt that my pride was put down after people treated me rudely, gossiped about me, hurting me with bad words.

Now, I choose to appreciate and be thankful because I believe of the love that comes after I am able to forgive and persevere.

I used to choose to chase after life and material things, working hard to save and compile as much as I could…after awhile, I realize my needs are only to eat and drink for this day and to release it from my stomach.

Now I choose appreciation with what I have and I choose how I use my time today…filled with love and good use for everyone…

Before I thought that I could make my parents, my family and my friends…later…if I am successful with my life…

In reality…what really makes most of them happy isn’t that…it is just how I act with them…

I choose to make them happy with what I have…

I used to choose to make amazing plans for my life…in reality I witness my family and friends go so quickly to meet Allah swt.

…There are no guarantees I will see the sun tomorrow.

…There are no guarantees I will be able to breathe tomorrow.

Right now I choose to add only what pleases Allah to my big plan…because the most important thing is that I will be ready if one day my name is called to meet Allah swt.

Be ready to die.


Onyai Chas

The author has 3 kids named Vega Monadelia, Delia Rabeekha Angiani, and RaZacky Shalihaque. She lives in Mecca and Jakarta. She is from West Sumatra (Payakumbuh / Padang) and she received Bachelor of Law/Notary. She enjoys writing fiction and short religious messages.

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