Oh Pretty Muslimah, Can we wear Mascara/Kohl or use Eye Drops?

Oh Pretty Muslimah, Can we wear Mascara/Kohl or use Eye Drops?

Muslimah…kohl and eye drops are one of the reliefs for those who are fasting. However, there are many debates over whether someone who is fasting is allowed to use kohl. As mentioned in the following hadith,

From Abdurrahman bin An-Nu’man bin Ma’bad bin Haudzah, from his father, from his grandfather, from the Prophet Muhammad pbuh, that he had ordered to use the stone kohl when going to bed, and said that it was avoided during fasting (Hadith Narrated by Abu Daud and Al-Bukhari).

Other narrations,

And from Aisha RA: that the Prophet Muhammad pbuh used kohl during Ramadan when he was fasting (Hadith Narrated by Ibn Majah)

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The first hadith above mentions that kohl is avoided during fasting, while the second is allowed. But in its sanad, it is stated that one of the narrators of the Hadith is Gharib, is not known, or is not good in his personality, so that both hadiths are considered weak or dhoif.

Author of Fiqh As-Sunnah, on chapter “the things allowed in fasting” says: ‘to wear kohl or eye drops and similar to it into the eye is permissible, because eyes are not directly connected to stomach‘. Then he also added: similar to the opinion of scholar Shafi’i. And the same opinion is also narrated by Ibn Al-Mundhir of Atha, Al-Hassan, An-Nakha’I, A;-Auza’I, Abu Hanifah and Abu Thawr. (Sayid Sabiq: Fiqh As-Sunnah j.l.h. 388 Maktabah al-Muslim).

According to the author of Al-Fiqh Al-Wadhih, according to the Hanafi and ash-Shafi’i, “Use kohl during the day in the month of Ramadan does not invalidate the fast, even if it is felt to the esophagus.” “Similarly it is applied to anything that dripped in the eye from various eye drugs. Because eye is not a route that is used to deliver something to stomach, so it is rarely happened  something is going to the throat through the eye. ”

Then he said also: “According to Imam MalikOh Pretty Muslimah, Can we wear Mascara/Kohl or use Eye Drops? arrow, it is unlawful for people who are fasting to wear kohl if he/she believes it will flow into the esophagus. Therefore he must qadha. If he/she is doubtful it flows into the esophagus, then it is makruh“(Sheik Muhammad Bakr Isma’il: Al-Fiqh Al-Wadhih, Maktabah Att-Taufiqiyah, j.5 p.125).


Source: Fiqhul Mar’aah Al-Muslimah by Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Jamal

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