Planning Your Halal Trip? Where To Find Deals!

Planning Your Halal Trip? Where To Find Deals!
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Assallamu Alaikum!

Are you ready or planning ahead to find the best deals and maybe exotic places to go on vacation? How would you go about getting the best deal? Here are some tips:

  1. Plan your trip at least 6 months ahead.  You will be able to secure deals that are competitively priced and it allows you take time to plan for the next 6 months ahead.
  2. How much money to put aside? Usually you put around 10-15% of your total annual salary.
  3. Determine what kind of trip you want this to be: A Family trip? Adventure trip? Relaxing trip?
  4. When searching for deals try to play with the days and dates you plan to go — some sites allow you to schedule +3/-3 days from your original date while giving you an overview on the different (if different) deals by date.

Ok, so where to book your tickets? Who to use?

In putting this article together I have found both Halal Travels Sites and General Population sites give equally good deals.  It all depends on the objective of the trip and what is important to you.

Halal Travel Sites:

  1. IslamicTravels ( This site offers adventure travel packages that retrace the footsteps of our prophets and Islamic history.  The guides are practicing Muslims and they offer historic insight into all of the places that they take you to with an Islamic perspective.  I haven’t tried them but it seems that they are experienced operators and have a high satisfaction rating.  We will cover them more in our travel series.
  2. This is in conjunction with Crescent travels. This website focuses on halal travels only.  They showcase Halal resorts, hotels and getaways for families, singles and newlyweds!
  3. ( This is a Halal travel site owned also by  They have halal package deals to halal, Muslim country destinations.

Our favorite sites to get airfare, hotel, and travel deals. 

If you are an experienced traveler you can also create your own get-away!  It will take a bit more work but it can be done.


This site is excellent for scanning the web simultaneously for all deals and all of the top airlines that can take you for a domestic (USA only) or an International trip as well.  I personally love how aesthetically pleasing the site is and how it works.  Once you input your travel dates and destinations, at the bottom portion of the search area is a calendar that shows which days have which fares.  Once you click the search (you can choose to show the flexible dates) it moves quickly and spits out panels of comparable results. A neat feature on the results panel is the “Advice” segment which alerts you to either wait to buy the ticket or to buy immediately!

Kayak search page amuslima  Planning Your Halal Trip? Where To Find Deals! KAYAK Search Results

What Kayak’s Search Page Looks like – see top right corner for a sweet tip!

*By accessing it also pulls up rates from Priceline, Travelocity, Expedia, Hotwire and eDreams.









Personally, this is one of my favorites.  It has a good reputation and the customer service is great as well.  Their costs reflect an all-inclusive price and breaks down the price of the ticket, the taxes and other items clearly.  They have a 24 hour cancellation period and do offer travel insurance (for an additional fee).  Right now they are offering a point system where you can redeem your points for other travel or car rentals.


This is a luxury deal site.  They offer a lifestyle oasis on travel around the world.  They showcase some of the best hotels and destinations and the deals they offer are “Flash Deals” so they have a limited number of them to give out and they only lasts for several hours up to several days! Some of the package deals do not come with airfare however, it is on a package by package basis.  So, if you are looking to go to a Jet Set Ultra Lux location check this place out — and although the prices could be slightly higher, not all of them deals are outrageous.  They also give you an editorial about the locations, activities to do, and that which is cool about it. It’s like going into Armani and finding very cool and interesting deals! Check it out!


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Travel Deal Site with some Lifestyle editorial content

4. Google Flight (

This is an interesting project from Google.  On this page you can see an overview map that shows the popular destinations and what the airfare costs are.  It also reads your IP address so Google immediately locates the airport near you.  The best feature I like to use is the ability to get an overview of the price of the flight in calendar mode so you can have a birds-eye view of when you can get the best price for flights or hotels.

Google Flight Snapshot  Planning Your Halal Trip? Where To Find Deals! Flights to Madrid   Google Search

Using the Google Console to the maximum.


 5. Momondo –

This site is a site that combines the details and tracking of Google Airfare and the JetSetter overview of travel destinations with tips about the location.  The site is modern and easy to navigate and prices are competitive with Expedia and other travel sites.  Click on the image to get a full view of the capacity and capability of the site.


amuslima travel momondo  Planning Your Halal Trip? Where To Find Deals! Screen Shot 2014 12 07 at 6


Overall, shop around.  Call and consult with friends, family and utilize social media for tips and tricks to determine your intended destination.  You can also check out our Facebook page or closed group page with your questions.



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