#Paris. Sorrow. #RespectForMuslims

#Paris. Sorrow. #RespectForMuslims

Innallillahi Wal Innallillahi Rojiun.


This is a sad time for the world. We are truly saddened by the course of these events in Paris.  Unfortunately, bullies of today are using the flag of Islam and using the word Jihad in the context of holy war.  These bullies are merely punks who want to get famous for being infamous.  Islam is a religion of peace and the Qur’an guides us towards peace.  To kill another human being is UNEXCEPTABLE in Islam. Period.  If one does so ‘by mistake,’ blood money needs to be paid to the family. Imagine if it were premeditated? These bullies are MISREPRESENTING ISLAM in a HUGE WAY! And we let them. Where are our hearts?

I want kindly to ask all of us to take small steps towards implementing peace to those nearest to us. Maybe it’s time we went out of our homes and knocked on our neighbors doors with something you just made in the oven. Or maybe you can just go to check in with them to see if they are doing okay? How about at school? Did you take a moment to gather your friends, colleagues, parents of your children’s friends and embrace them during this time of sorrow? Did we take time to talk and to ensure our loved ones that real Muslims don’t do that kind of act? Don’t be scared.  They are more scared of you than you are of them.  Reach out. Please.  These little acts will tear down the walls of ignorance and in turn make those bullies actions no longer so loud or scary.

Brother Nouman Ali Khan does a great job of explaining this! Watch here!


Peace be upon you where you are!



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