Part Four: What Ramadan Means, Palestine, and MH17

Part Four: What Ramadan Means, Palestine, and MH17

I begin with mentioning the perfect and beautiful name, Allah (SWT).

How time flies! We are now in the 9th month of taqwim and today is already 27 Ramadan 1435. Soon, this month that is so rich with blessings will leave us. In the spur of the moment something came to mind:

‘Life is but a fleeting moment. Each moment is on loan by the One we are forever indebted with. Allahu Akbar.’

I was pretty disturbed with two recent pieces of sad news. The first piece of news was that of the attack against our brothers, sisters and children of Palestine. Second was the incident of the Malaysia Airline MH17 being shot down as it crossed over Ukraine.

These two incidents have caused massive catastrophes, one killed body is too many. I was looking for a particular du’a (supplication) on top of Inna lillahi wa inn ailaihi raji’un, to Allah (SWT) we belong and to Him we shall return, to console my soul and at the same time convey my condolence and empathy.

This sense of urgency brought me to Suhaib Webb’s page and an opportunity for me to learn a new beautiful du’a. SubhanAllah!

“Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un.
O Allah, please grant them the highest level of Paradise.
Please fill their graves with noor (light) and the fragrance of Jannah (paradise), and show them their place in Jannah.
O Allah, by Your will and blessings, may they rest peacefully in their graves.
O Allah, may You ease the pain and suffering of the loved ones left behind.
Aameen, Yaa Rabbal ‘Alameen”.

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Prior to that, I received an email via the group Standard Bearers Academy Leadership Excellence Course alumni. Thank you Allah (SWT) for giving me this invaluable opportunity for me to learn another du’a and to ease the heaviness of my heart. I know that I am not the only one feeling that way. The message was as follows, as written by brother Nahed Khan, may Allah (SWT) be pleased with him:

“”My entire Facebook news feed is filled with pictures and videos of burned bodies, demolished houses, crying women and children.

Even when I close my phone/laptop, I cannot get those images out of my mind.

Our helplessness reminds me of the Prophet’s (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) advice to the family of Yasir who were being tortured by Abu Jahl, but the Muslims could not do anything about it.

Sumayyah (Radiallahu Anha) and Yasir (Radiallahu Anhu) were brutally tortured in the hot desert sun by Abu Jahl for days.

One day, Abu Jahl brutally shoved a spear into Sumayyah (Radiallahu Anha) in front of her husband (Yasir) and son (Ammar) (Radiallhu Anhuma), making her the first martyr.

Soon after, Yasir (Radiallahu Anhu) passed away from the torture while the other leaders of Qureish were laughing and poking fun of the helplessness of Muslims.

Muslims were in such a weak position at that time that they could not do anything to physically comfort the family of Yasir (Radiallahu Anhu).

But just a sentence by the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) kept them firm upon the Deen, and brought peace to their hearts:“Sabran ya aali yasir; mau‘idukum al-Jannah”-Patience, O family of Yasir; Paradise is your promised abode!

We call upon the people of Palestine, while being absolutely helpless in their situation: Sabran yaa Ahle Filisteen. Mau’idukum Al-Jannah Inshaa-Allah. (Patience, O people of Palestine. Your abode is Jannah Inshaa-Allah).

My dear brothers and sisters, its not an appeal, but a requirement upon you to dedicate extra Dua while standing, sitting, in Sajdah, and before breaking your fast for those under severe oppression, those being bombed, beaten and those having their houses demolished.

The Day of Judgement is no doubt a horrifying day. But during these atrocities, we look forward to it for Justice to be served from Allah (SWT).

#FreePalestine Inna Nasrallahi Qareeb (Indeed, the victory of Allah is near).

Yaa Allah, Yaa Rahman, Yaa Rahim. Have mercy on the people of Palestine.

Yaa Rabb, protect them.

Yaa Hafeez, preserve them.

Yaa Adl, give them justice.

Yaa Dhul Jalali wal Ikram, destroy the plans of the oppressors.

In this blessed month O Allah, while our Muslim brothers and sisters are fasting for Your sake, make life easy for them.

Make this hard time a means of expiation of their sins Yaa Ghafoor.

Ya Salaam, bring back peace to Al-Quds.

Grant them victory Yaa Fattah. Grant them victory. Aameen.”

I learned so much during this month of Ramadan al-Mubarak that I already miss this special university of Allah (SWT) bestowed upon us.

‘May your spirit of teaching and wisdom, o Ramadan Kareem stay intact in my heart until your next visit inshaa-Allah as you mean so much to me that words seem redundant. Aameen.’

We have the final quest in this last third part of Ramadan Kareem still, laylatul qadr. Inshaa Allah.

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Wardah Abdullah

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