Hajj Preparation Tips

Hajj Preparation Tips

Next month inshaa Allah will be the month of hajjPilgrimage is a coveted worship rite for every Muslim/Muslimah and only occurs on Dhulhijja. Every pilgrim who wants to leave for the holy land must register and queue in advance. In some Muslim-majority countries such as Indonesia, for example, pilgrims have to wait for up to 3 years, 10 years or even more! This is because the quota of pilgrims from each country is limited. Therefore if our turn for hajj has arrived, we certainly do not want to waste the opportunity that maybe only occur once in a lifetime. Then what do we have to do to prepare for our pilgrimage?

Mental Preparation

  1. Strong intention (niyyah) for Hajj is at the heart of our preparation in order to be more sincere and to receive the blessing of worshipping in the holy land.
  2. Patience. Keep in mind that at the time of the pilgrimage, we will meet with millions of Muslims/Muslimahs from all over the world with different behaviors and personalities. It can sometimes be a test of patience for us.
  3. Learn the pillars, obligations, or sunnah of Hajj as well as possible, even though an agent may provide tutors during Hajj. This is to avoid the possibility of Hajj becoming invalid if one of the pillars or obligations of Hajj is abandoned.
  4. Deepen our Islamic knowledge, like knowing tayammum procedures, ablution by wiping khuff (shoes/slippers), prayer, and understanding at least some Arabic words for memorizing short prayers and intentions of Hajj, etc..

Physical Preparation

  1. Good health. Make sure you are physically healthy as Hajj is an act of worship which requires a lot of physical activities, lots of walking, jostling with many people, and often little sleep. But when in excellent physical condition, inshaa Allah, all of these rigors can be experienced more easily.
  2. Vaccination and vitamins. Do not forget to undergo the vaccinations recommended by the government. Flu vaccine, though not mandatory, can help strengthening our immune system, as many pilgrims generally get the flu. If we’ve received the flu vaccine, even if we perhaps contract the flu virus, it will not be as severe as for the pilgrims who did not get a flu shot before.
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by aMuslima

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