Rukhshah in the Ramadan Fasting

Rukhshah in the Ramadan Fasting

Although in the month of Ramadan fasting for Muslims and Muslimah is obligatory, but there are some exemptions that allow Muslims not to do fast. It is given as a way of grace and mercy from Allah to His people.

As mentioned in the hadith,

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From Anas bin Malik Al-Ka’bi, the Prophet SAW said: “Verily, Allah Almighty lighten fasting and half of the prayer for the traveler, and for pregnant and lactating womenRukhshah in the Ramadan Fasting arrow (He ease) fasting (Hadith Narrated by five narrators and hasan by Tirmidhi).

Rukhshah or waivers that will be discussed in the next article Insha Allah are:

  1. Pregnant and lactating women (as mentioned in the above hadith)
  2. Elderly people
  3. To taste foods
  4. Mascara and eye drops
  5. Injection
  6. BathRukhshah in the Ramadan Fasting arrow, rinsed, and istinsyaq
  7. Kiss/Hug
Ramadan Kariem…
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