See How Easily You Can Find The Best Educators for Your Children

See How Easily You Can Find The Best Educators for Your Children

Phases in educating children are always dynamic because of the various stages that they go through from babies to toddlers, preteens, teens, and so on. Actually even when our youths are married, they are still our kids, and how we treat them requires a different set of skills. So as parents there is no term for stopping our education of them.

Sometimes an educator or parent is shocked to see the reality of what has happened to his/her own children and reflects, “Why is there a contrast between theory and reality?” The answer is due to each child’s individuality. Children come from different families and have different characters. Therefore, how we train our own children is not necessarily fit for applying to our neighbors’ children in some cases.

The most understanding people with the most knowledge of children’s willingness, character, and talents are their own parents or guardians since they live together from birth to adulthood, have the same culture and often-times the same habits. Therefore, when parents are not confident and instead delegate the child’s education (i.e. academic/non-academic subjects, behavior, manners, habits) to others, they should not blame anyone when it becomes evident that those delegated are not appropriate educators.

Often parents do not believe in themselves or are not confident because they want the best education for their children and believe that it can only be obtained from another person or institution outside the family.  Since parents feel they are not knowledgeable enough, many send their children to another educator. But in actuality, educating children can be done by each parent themselves, as long as they have prepared the knowledge in advance. Parents should ask themselves: what do I want my children to be? Then they can create methods that can be applied in teaching their children. Any living thing in this world, whoever or whatever it is, such as a human’s child, or chicks, kittens, goats, etc. first learn from their immediate environment.

So, in terms of children’s education, parents should establish a good environment in accordance with parents hopes in the education goals. For example, if parents want their children to have good akhlak (morals), they can read the Holy Qur’an, then parents should be the good example by reading the Holy Qur’an regularly and by teaching their children how to read. So when children find a good environment in their educational process, inshaa Allah parents will have good children as a result. So, do not think to hand over the child’s education (especially behavior or manners) to others. It should be parents who are required to have knowledge in it and provide a good environment for their children so that they will become the children that they expected.   

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Fifi P. Jubilea

Proklawati Jubilea, SE. MSc, is a mother of three, and currently live in Perth, Australia to achieve her PhD. She got her Master degree in Master of Science Human Resources, Development University Putra Malaysia. She is as a founder and conceiver of Integrated Islamic International School ( JISc ) and Islamic Boys Boarding School ( JIBBs) in Jakarta, Indonesia. She actively writes and contributes in, Sabili, Ummi Magazine, and has published a few books in Indonesian version. For more Information about Fifi go to and

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