A Spiritual Journey in the Dead Heat of Summer. Ramadan.

A Spiritual Journey in the Dead Heat of Summer. Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem!

Are you all ready? Well. Honestly, there isn’t time to be ready. It’s now or never. 

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In the spirit of fasting in the dead heat of the summer and oh, did I mention the very long hours of fasting? I want to share some tips my family and I are taking to ensure maximum ibadah and maximum health so that no one gets sick.

For those of us who live in the America’s and Europe, the months of June, July and August are the summer months.  Now, for those living in Australia it’s the opposite! Subhannallah!  We would LOVE to hear about fasting in your country! Click here to submit your story!

So here are some of my own tips (I ask Allah (SWT) for forgiveness if I am incorrect):

  1. Starting with Suhur (pre-dawn breakfast) – eat a balanced breakfast that is heavy on the protein.  Protein burns more slowly and allows your blood levels to remain stable longer.  This is so you don’t feel sleepy by mid-morning.  Drink lots of water, and I would add a bottle of Gatorade (for those working and those who will be outside the home) to keep you hydrated. Try to avoid spicy food or too salty food as that will increase your thirst! Juice smoothies are also a great option.  Try adding a couple of dates into the smoothie or just eat them plain.  Bottom line, try to prepare your meal before you sleep so when you awake you can quickly know and prepare what you want fast and easy.
  2. During the day – interestingly, many people (including myself) become lethargic.  We instinctively want to lay down and sleep! Sometimes this situation is unavoidable, but in some situations (if you are at work in a non-islamic environment) sleeping isn’t an option.  So to combat sleepiness and feelings of lethargy try:
    • Shaking ones body for 1 minute.  Stand up and shake!
    • Do 10-20 jumping jacks.
    • If it’s not hot, go for a walk.
    • Walk up and down stairs.
    • Wash your face
    • Call someone or talk on the phone.
    • Ok, so you NEED to sleep.  Power nap for 10 minutes.
  3. Breaking your fast. PLEASE DO NOT OVEREAT! This type of news is an embarrassment!  
  4. Break your fast like this:
    • Eat dates and drink milk.
    • Pray Magrib
    • Eat a light meal: Soup, bread, yogurt,and other light foods + fluids (water, tea, milk, gatorade, non-acidic juices – try not to mix foods too much!)
    • Pray Isha + Taraweh
    • Additional light meal, more fluids, fruit, desserts (light please)
    • Sleep
    • Wake up Tahajjud and eat Suhur.

Insha Allah you will find yourself more focused on your Deen and your Prayer rather than on your tummy. 🙂

Wishing you a blessed and non-overeating Ramadan.



A Muslim Woman living and working the USA. Married with two children. I completed my MBA in 1998 and have worked with major Fortune 500 corporations in America. In becoming pregnant with child #1, moved to working from home - although during that period its as if I never left corporate America. Allhamdullilah was able to raise my children AND work full time. Had and Allhamdullilah still have the support of my husband of insha Allah 14 years. Now, re-building Amuslima as it is 10 years in the making. Allah is the best of planners. My goal? To always be curious. What is yours?

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