Studying In France – Part 2: High Quality Education In The Heart Of Europe

Studying In France – Part 2: High Quality Education In The Heart Of Europe

Is it true that studying in France is free?

The answer is yes, it’s TRUE.Study in France-Euromgt  Studying In France - Part 2: High Quality Education In The Heart Of Europe Study in France Euromgt When compared to many other countries in Europe, the cost of study (tuition fees) in France and Germany are free. Each student is only charged for an administrative fee of € 177- € 250/year.

And these costs are already included:

  • Student Card
  • Discount tickets for city transport (bus)
  • Discount ticket for theater, cinema and diner
  • Discount ticket for entrance to Museum and Library

How much is the cost of living in France?

Similar to Germany, the cost of living in France is relatively cheaper than many other European countries and is around  € 350- € 500/month. Living costs include the following:

  1. Housing: € 180 – € 280
  2. Daily meal: € 50 – € 80
  3. Health insurance: € 50 – € 60
  4. Transportation costs: € 0 – € 20
  5. Phone / Mobile: € 10 – € 30
  6. Entertainment: € 10 – € 20
  7. Reserves: € 10 – € 20

Total: € 310 – € 510

The above mentioned costs of living pertain to students under single person normal living standards, cooking habits and who have the willingness to share a room.

The study period for a Bachelor Degree in France is relatively short, which is 6 semesters or 3 years, depending on the students’ ability and at least 3 years are required to pass, with a maximum of 5 years to try. Unlike in Germany, if the student does not pass the course three times in a row, students can still do a credit transfer or move to another university in France.

In France foreign students can directly go to a university without equivalency tests as long as the student has already achieved a French language skills level B2.

In the French language there are the terms DELF and DALF. DELF, Elementary Level Certificate in French Language, and DALF, Advanced Level Certificate in French Language, are official certificates issued by the Ministry of National Education and Higher Education France that are valid for life and recognized around the world both in areas of work and education.

DELF consists of 4 levels (A1, A2, B1 and B2) and DALF consists of 2 levels (C1 and C2). All 6 levels can be pursued separately without having to take from an easier level.

Our experience sending students to college in Europe, especially to Germany and France.

Euro Management Indonesia was established in 2003 and have sent to Germany as many as 2000 students to date (see my previous article about Study In Germany).

In 2007 Euro Management Indonesia established a subsidiary company called Toulouse Management Indonesia where Toulouse management facilitates study for Indonesian students in France and to date Toulouse Management Indonesia has sent approximately 750 students to France. For this year (1436H/2014) In Sha Allah Euro Management Indonesia will send 120 students to Germany and Toulouse Management Indonesia will send 30 students to France for study. Students registered for the period between 2014 – 2015 will be dispatched in January 2015.

According to our data, some statistics on our students this year are: Muslims: 80% and Non-Muslims: 20%.

How is life in France for Muslims?

Although Muslims in France are a minority, almost all cities in the country have a mosque so Muslims can pray together, and Muslim students also have very solid religious organizations at their disposal. Religious teachings, which can be accounted for and are official, can be obtained from the embassy of the student’s country and in France. Classes are usually held during a 1-week study. There are quite a lot of immigrants from Muslim majority countries living in France and nearly 40% of those entrants come from Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Africa.

So, if Muslim student candidates are still hesitant of Muslim life in France, do not worry too much.  Allah Yusalimkum  (Allah give you peace) …

Astrid Despiona

The author is the mother of two children, and began her career in banking. She always happy to share anything which can inspire people. Her interests are in Health Care, Education, Music, Fashion and Gardening.

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