Stylish Formal and Semi-Formal Hijab

Stylish Formal and Semi-Formal Hijab

The following hijab style can be worn for both formal and semi-formal occasions. Here’s how:

Step 1-4  Stylish Formal and Semi-Formal Hijab SI 20150208 182316

Step 1-4

  1. Prepare an innerwear that covers your neck, and select a pashmina scarf (rectangular shape) that matches the clothing and pins that you will wear.
  2. When wearing inner-wear, fasten it with pins if it is loose at your face.
  3. Place your pashmina on top of the innerwear with the left side longer than the right side, then cross it from behind so that the long side is on the right. Pin it on the top, on the left and right side so the veil does not move.
  4. Pull the short side (left) to the top, pin it, then let the end loose.

    Step 5-8  Stylish Formal and Semi-Formal Hijab SI 20150208 182420

    Step 5-8

  5. Form the loose ends like flower petals by pinning the scarf around your head.
  6. Pull the longer side of the pashmina up and over the side of the head sideways, then pin it.
  7. Finally place the rest of the right side to your right shoulder.
  8. Then you’re done!

For more details, see the following video by aMuslima.

Stylists: Uwi SMN


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