Support Ramadan in Kedungsari and Mangunsoko

Support Ramadan in Kedungsari and Mangunsoko

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During Ramadan this year aMuslima will distribute Eid/Ramadan gifts to families and children who are less fortunate in Kedungsari (Kulon Progo, Indonesia) and Mangunsoko (Magelang, Indonesia). There are two types of packages, basic needs for a family package and school supplies for children. Here is a brief profile of the villages.

Kedungsari Village, Kulon Progo

Kedungsari is the name of a remote village in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. The village consists of 9 hamlets, namely Karongan, Karangasem, Milir, Ngramang, Kalinongko, Cumetuk, Kedungsogo, Kradenan, and Gletak. Based on population data released by the government of DIY (Yogyakarta Special District), in the second half of 2014 the percentage of heads of household in Kedungsari Village who are Muslims reached 79.4%. and decreased to 79.1% in 2015.  When compared to other villages in the district, Compassionate Village has the smallest Muslim population at just 7.3-7.5%.

A place to study Qur'an and Islam for youth  Support Ramadan in Kedungsari and Mangunsoko Indonesia trip 2013 July 016

A place to study Qur’an and Islam for youth

Although according to demographic data the Muslim population is in the majority, mosques are often empty because of the lack of pilgrims visiting, even among those many villagers who have converted. Deserted mosques exist partly because of the location being so far away from residential areas. The locals try to use some of the mosques as a gathering place for children to study Islam, and for reading and memorizing the Qur’an, although some Qur’an schools go up and down in the attendance levels.

aMuslima visited a young cleric in Cumetuk who is willing to dedicate his time to educate children in the village. He and his wife taught in the mosque or at his small home. Youth from childhood to adolescence can become disciples. The ustadz supports his family by raising goats and from opening a small shop, but with patience and faith in Islam the intention to improve the lives of young people in the villages beats the luxuries of the world that he may be able to achieve from staying in other areas.

Most of the Kedungsari peoples’ livelihoods are sustained by raising goats, cattle, and farming. They still need economic empowerment, however, for additional capital to purchase goats, cattle, stalls, wood lathes, to provide scholarships, and to fund activities in the mosques.

Mangunsoko Village, Magelang

The village is located in Mangunsoko, Magelang District, Central Java. The eruption of Mount Merapi often affects the village, given its location near the volcano, but the people persist, despite the fact that at times lava floods could strike the village. With the powers that be, they are trying to re-build the remaining debris into proper shelter for themselves.

Such plight upsets their hearts, to the extent that they sometimes lose their way. They are often in such desperate conditions that they accept whatever good comes towards them. Their faith continues to be tested and the Muslim population has progressively declined. Based on data obtained, Hamlet Ngandong has only 10 Muslim families, Hamlet Diwak has 20 Muslim families, and Hamlet Balong has 20 Muslim families.

They need the touch of gentle hands and clean souls who are able to lead them back to the essential truths of Islam. There are a few Muslim youths from another city who willingly devote themselves to sharing their knowledge with the villagers and who fortify the villagers with the true Islamic faith, teach the Qur’an to children, and reaffirming the faith of Islam.

They, the citizens, do not just need a place to stay and clean water, but they also need improvement in the economy. Quite often, Muslim youth are also struggling to help their economies.

Indeed, they continue to need our helping hand. Do not let their faith be eroded by prolonged squalor, lest their fading faith create a storm in their lives. Although Indonesia is a Muslim majority country the numbers have continually decreased from 95% in the 1980’s to 85% in 2010. In their hearts, they want to live with a joyous heart, and with happiness as we greet Ramadan which will come soon.

Please purchase Ramadan / Eid package for this effort. May Allah reward you!

Delina Partadiredja

The author has been writing since elementary school. Prior to be the in-charge person for contents she often contributed to an Islamic website. Further, she has co-authored two books and one book of poetry. Her previous banking career followed her completing Bachelor of Economics. She obtained an MBA from Leicester University in the UK. She currently lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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