Taraweeh & Ramadan Complete Each Other. Are you going to strive to complete your Deen?

Taraweeh & Ramadan Complete Each Other. Are you going to strive to complete your Deen?
Inside of Masjid Nabawi, Madinah by AA Sumadri  Taraweeh & Ramadan Complete Each Other. Are you going to strive to complete your Deen? masjid nabawi dalam aa

Inside of Masjid Nabawi, Madinah by AA Sumadri

Mentioning ‘Taraweeh‘ reminds us of the holy month of Ramadan. Of course because the Taraweeh prayer is synonymous with this blessed month.  This special night prayer performed during Ramadan either individually or in congregation after praying isha. The first Taraweeh prayer is started in the night before the first day of Ramadan, until end of Ramadan. Another significant element of this prayer, is that the whole Qur’an is read “hatam” (completed) by the end of Ramadan.  This is why the prayers are lengthy.

Some facts regarding this Taraweeh prayer.

How many raka’at Prophet Salallahu ‘alaihi wassalam prayed Taraweeh?

Narrated Abu Salama bin `Abdur Rahman: that he asked `Aisha “How was the prayer of Allah’s Apostle in Ramadan?” She replied, “He did not pray more than eleven rak`at in Ramadan or in any other month. He used to pray four rak`at −−−− let alone their beauty and length−−−−and then he would pray four −−−−let alone their beauty and length −−−−and then he would pray three rak`at (witr).” She added, “I asked, ‘O Allah’s Apostle! Do you sleep before praying the witr?’ He replied, ‘O `Aisha! My eyes sleep but my heart does not sleep.” (Hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

This hadith explains that Rasulullah Salallahu ‘alaihi wassalam performed four raka’at (cycles) once or might be four raka’at with two raka’at- two raka’at separately based on hadith that reads “the night praying is two raka’at two raka’at”. And also in accordance with the hadith which describes in detail the procedures of Rasulullah Salallahu ‘alaihi wassalam for doing evening prayer, i.e by doing two raka’at two raka’at. Perhaps what is meant by the above hadith with four raka’at is twice the amount of the combined two raka’at, then four raka’at again. That is when completed the first two raka’at, the Prophet did not stop, even stood up to do the second two raka’at. If four raka’at finished, he stopped in longer time. So he gave the separator between the four raka’at with a long break. Then he stood up for performing the second of four raka’at as he did in the first four raka’at.

Have the Prophet Salallahu ‘alaihi wassalam ever prayed more than eleven raka’at?

Of Aisha Radiyallaha ‘anha noted, “He conducted praying of ten raka’at then one raka’at, then he prayed on two raka’at before dawn the total amount is thirteen raka’at.” (Hadith narrated by Bukhari Muslim)

She Radiyallaha ‘anha also narrated, “Prophet Muhammad had performed thirteen raka’at of night prayer and five raka’at of Witr prayer, he did not sit for tahiyat except in the end of raka’at.” (Hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

Allahu a’lam

Source: Syarah Bulughul Mahram by Syaikh Shafiyurrahman Al-Mubaarakfuri

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