The Essence of Communication Propagation, Muslimah World behind the Screen

The Essence of Communication Propagation, Muslimah World behind the Screen

Eka Shanti, initiator of the World Muslimah event, share  to aMuslima about her impression after the event successfully organized and even become the headline of several international media. Following is her writing.


Eka Shanty Founder of World Muslimah Foundation  The Essence of Communication Propagation, Muslimah World behind the Screen Eka Shanty

Eka Shanty Founder of World Muslimah Foundation

By: Eka Shanty. Founder & CEO of the World Muslim Foundation, 

translated by aMuslima.

Muslimah World annual event 2013 has ended. Long series of events during the 10 days since 9 September 2013 has been completed with full of nice surprises. Why? Many miracles led and supported this event until finally it was broad casted on television, covered by dozens of international media as well as being the focus of talks at various national and international television talk shows.

The miracle  of  World Muslimah  is viewed  to be an alternative to the hegemony of Miss World that has persisted for 63 years! Indeed the World Muslimah event stems from a simple aspiration: Muslimahs wearing hijab at young ages need to be supported and appreciated!  If the K-pop and so called “Idol” cures are a measure of achievement, it seems that it is time for the younger generation zoom into another measure of achievement: Back to the values ​​of Qur’an.

Since 2011 (very long time), we, Muslimahs and the on winners of World Muslimah convey to the youth and children: Would you travel around the world because of Qur’an and Hijab? If so,  and would like to be considered, you must be 18-27 years old Muslimah, has been able to read Qur’an, wear headscarf everyday and has had achievements in various fields of academic, sports or arts and culture.

As a result, a new passion has now been born “passion in learning Al-Qur’an and excitement to close their aurat (genital parts)” because if not, sorry! You cannot go to this event.

Three years held World Muslimah event, only in 2013, this event is discussed, criticized and being compared because of the presence of Miss World in Indonesia, the land of 80% Muslims population!

The World Muslimah event 2013   The Essence of Communication Propagation, Muslimah World behind the Screen wmf3

The World Muslimah event 2013

Unfortunately, the discussion of World Muslimah vs Miss World has blurred people’s view that both events are simply a contest. Is it true that World Muslimah is a contest? Or is it a bigger contest to convey the message of Islam?

It is time for me as the founder of this event to invite all Muslim Ummah to think and understand clearly the urgency of this noble religion to immediately get a place of honor, headlines in the whole international media without raising issue of terrorism and radicalism.

Without realizing it, through World Muslimah, this is the first time in the history of Islam, the headlines on CNN, New York Post, AFP and even Israel News; there is no word of terrorist, bomb attack, conflict or killing.

World Muslimah : Finding Model or Role Model?               

In the era of information and technology today, anything is very easily manipulated. So did the women. With photo manipulation techniques, injectable cosmetic, plastic surgery to embroider eyebrow, as if a woman freely “exchange” her face with another face that looked prettier, slimmer, more tapered and more everything.

But there is one that never changed, the heart. Whatever change of skin color or even face, the heart will never change as long as there is no spiritual nourishment that fills.

Longing to the initiating of a female figure whom is present for the way she is, succeed because of the abundance of soul as well as achieved because of the beauty of her akhlak (behavior/moral) become the foundation of why World Muslimah born.

Women are now being distressed in intersection. Thousand problems and challenges that beset her family make her becomes a creature with full of fear and anxiety. Fear of cheat by her husband, fear that her boyfriend will leave her, fear not pretty looking, afraid to lose in the competition …….all scared!                                                     

For educational reason to fellow Muslimah,  it’s the time Islam defining the meaning of the REAL “pretty” …. 

Propagation Communications in the Digital Era 

World Muslimah born of a moral movement created to educate children at home to be able to distinguish, which woman who deserve to be ideal? Is the one who sexy and open? Or the one who close her aurat, intellectual in her religion but still cool and trendy? Please specify your choice, kid! 

Because targeting the younger generation, World Muslimah Annual Award was made ​​by using their “language”. Firstly, the World Muslimah designated as the first digital-based event in the world that involves gadgets, social media and you tube. Secondly, the concept of quarantine is fun and educative combined with Islamic activities like express boarding; is impressive quarantine process and is not easily forgotten. Thirdly, journey prize to various parts of the world, trigger the motivation to continue to perform and feel proud of her choice to wear hijab since a young age. 

For ease of understanding, the concept of branding Muslimah World values are ​​processed so effective and easy to remember through the tagline “Sholeha (pious), Smart & Stylish”. 

Alhamdulillah, through this approach, Muslimah teen who has had achievement, dedication, reputation and attention to others in the city or country, respectively, successfully able to sharpened her ability and ready to “color” the world.













Sincere & Grateful



















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Al Qur’an is my ultimate knowledge

Riba & Riya are my enemies

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 * The author is a practitioner Activation PR & CSR, a former journalist and news anchor TVRI (Television of Indonesian Republic) and Brand & Image Management Consultant to answer the challenges of “How to promote 30 juz of Quran in 30 second?”

Delina Partadiredja

The author has been writing since elementary school. Prior to be the in-charge person for contents she often contributed to an Islamic website. Further, she has co-authored two books and one book of poetry. Her previous banking career followed her completing Bachelor of Economics. She obtained an MBA from Leicester University in the UK. She currently lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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