The Joy of Hajj

The Joy of Hajj

Time goes so fast, we have entered the Islamic new year, the month of Muharram as the first month in a year means that we have left the month of pilgrimage, Dhulhijjah. Muslims from around the world who gathered in the Holy Land for Hajj have started to leave Makkah and Medina to return to their respective countries.

The story of hajj experience from our brothers and sisters will never run out. Here is the experience of a pilgrimage, sister Muneeza, who lives in Jeddah about how grateful she was to undergo her Hajj last month.

My Hajj experience was a pleasant surprise for me for many reasons and I thank Allah for making it so easy. This time I was going with my three kids whom I wanted to know the real essence of this spiritual journey. I was preparing them by letting them listen to lectures and explaining to them that more the difficulties more the ajar.

Alhamdulilah the first gathering itself was an indication that everything would be easy and comfortable. We wanted to do Tammatto but never got a chance to visit Makkah so decided for Qiran. And alhamdulilah never imagined that Umra could be so smooth and easy without much rush… We are so happy to see everything was so well-organized and well prepared for the hujjaaaj.

By the time we reached Mina it was 2 pm and when we saw the arrangement in Mina we are really impressed looking at the room and the food arrangements. Inside my heart I was feeling Allah made everything so easy and comfortable for the kids alhamdulilah.

We were with a group comprising of mostly Saudis and alhamdulilah I was happy we could get to know someone so closely. Although language was a barrier nevertheless our communication was good. I was waiting for day of Arafa and woke up early so that I could get the most by praying and doing zikr. After breakfast we all gathered to go to Arafa alhamdulilah again I felt the walk to train station was smooth and easy.

We reached our tent and I started telling my kids the importance of not wasting any time and just asking for anything and everything from Allah. Again it was a very good experience. Then came maghrib and we all started for muzdalifa. This time the waiting and walking to the train station looked long but the day spent by duas and zikr gave comfort and satisfaction and good feeling so it became easy alhamdulilah.

Muzdalifa was a beautiful experience. Never would we think of lying and sleeping under the sky but here we were with millions of other people so the feeling of security was there along with happiness that this picnic was in the cause of Allah and not for our pleasure. Time again I reminded kids to pray and do zikr as much as possible and not think about comfortable sleeping.

Next day was very anxious for the Jamarat as was very concerned with the rush and other things but had this trust in Allah that He would make everything easy and indeed everything became easy and we did not even realize that we were back at Mina. Took a bath and had food and the feeling of gratitude for Allah was overwhelming as everything looked and felt so good.

The next two days of Jamarat we were also very easy and comfortable.. By this time had made so many good friends and even praying and doing zikr had become so pleasurable that I did not want this journey to end in fact I was not missing home. Even the kids felt sad that we had to go back.

 Alhamdulilah the last ritual of hajj that was the tawaf also looked easy ..and in no time we were back in our house as if we just got up from a beautiful dream. I am thankful to my Allah that He made everything so easy and may He accept our efforts and make this maqbool and mabroor for all of us.

Finally the duas and respect for the Saudi government increased seeing the services the infrastructure the kindness of the policemen the distribution of water was unbelievable. We pray to Allah for the continuous peace and prosperity of this country.

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Delina Partadiredja

The author has been writing since elementary school. Prior to be the in-charge person for contents she often contributed to an Islamic website. Further, she has co-authored two books and one book of poetry. Her previous banking career followed her completing Bachelor of Economics. She obtained an MBA from Leicester University in the UK. She currently lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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