The Moroccan Traditional Dress

The Moroccan Traditional Dress

Morocco is a North African, Muslim country rich in terms of history, traditions, people, and culture – including clothing. Moroccan clothing is steeped in tradition and is made with different types of fabrics that are sewed differently according to the regions (such as Sous, Desert, Atlas Mountain, Fes, etc.). The most famous types of traditional clothes for women are the Djellaba and the Caftan, and for men are the Djellaba and the Djabadour. Traditional clothes in Morocco are very important primarily due to the cultural requirement. For example, no one can imagine having a celebration (wedding, baby shower, etc…) without wearing traditional clothing.

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Moroccan  Djellaba

The Djellaba is a traditional, long, loose-fitting (although sometimes not so loose) dress with long sleeves that can be worn by men and women. Women usually wear colorful Djellaba whereas men wear plain or natural colored selections.  It can also have a hood called a ‘Kab’  which traditionally served the purpose of protection from the elements like wind and dust but which is now primarily a decorative piece.

The Djellaba is usually worn outdoors and the reason why women prefer the Djellaba as the main outdoor clothing is because it agrees with the teachings of Islam. Additionally, it is comfortable and is usually worn with a headscarf. Men, however, wear the Djellaba on special occasions with the tarboush (a red traditional hat) and Belgha (traditional shoes). Sfifa Sewing is the main type of sewing used in making Djellaba. Sfifa is a traditional pattern used which makes the sewing lines look very interesting.

There is also the Caftan in Moroccan fashion and it refers to the garments that look like the Djellaba, but without a hood and collar and more elaborately decorated. The Caftan is fancy and is usually made from luxurious fabrics because it is to be worn on more special occasions. The Caftan is the basic dress of a Moroccan bride on her wedding day and the bride’s Caftan is very much the most beautiful of Caftan designs.

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Moroccan Caftan Wedding Dress

The caftan can be worn under the Tikshita (which is another decorated gown that has traditional, hand made buttons on the front and upon the wide sleeves, but sometimes it can be narrow). Traditionally, a belt is worn around the waist with it and the Caftan and Tikshita are not worn outside of the house.


Lamyaa Essousy

The author is from Tangier Morocco, she moved to USA in August 2013. She is a law school graduate with Master’s degree in Family Law from ABDEL MALIK ESSAADI University in Tangier. She comes from a conservative and religious family, and she concerns about the Islamic way of life in the USA. She is pleased to see the freedom of the country offers to minorities. Her hopes are to be able to work with non Arabic speaking Muslims especially newly converts and kids to help them learning Arabic, Quran, and the teachings of the prophet Mohamed (SAAWS). Also she would like to get an equivalent of her degree in an American University.

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