The Only Cause – You Miss HIM

The Only Cause – You Miss HIM


The Transcript:

When this world seems alienish, when loneliness surrounds,
When you want to speak your heart out but no one is around,

When the silly heart aches, with emotions absolutely vague or weird,
When events turn bizarre and feelings confused or absurd,

When there is a storm within you, but there isn’t any shield,
When the devil is strong, and you wish to run off the battle field,

When piling questions disturb your being,
When you’re unable to hunt for the answers or find meaning,

When no one understands what causes your pain,
When every try fails pathetically without any gain,

When tears fall like forever rains, refusing to be ceased,
When your fears gets you weak and the broken soul wishes to be freed,

When moments are dull, when time runs against you,
When love and care disappears, when the entire world defeats you,

When you stand all numb without knowing where you belong,
When you turn your back, unable to locate those who were with you for long,

When you question your existence, when the YOU is lost,
When you strive for sustenance, but don’t succeed at any cost,

Then O’ slave of Allah! Know that you are not made for this world alone,
The problem is that you miss your ‘real’ home,

All you crave for is the company of your Majestic lord,
The pain is nothing but the distance from the creator who prepared for you a wonderful abode,

The weaknesses, the shortcomings, the filth that corrupts your purest heart,
Everything that hurts you is the reason you seek to depart,

But remind your soul O’ humble slave! The doors of tawbaah are always open,
YOUR lord is merciful, go to him with sincerity for sins to be forgiven,

When the vastness of the skies is lost in the darkness of the night,
Stand humbly in front of the ONE who has ALL the power and the Might,
You will then realize how near IS HE, how beautiful is His love which drives away all the fright.


Muslimah Poetess

‘Muslimah Poetess’ is a new initiative by a soul who desires to inspire the world through her writings. She believes that the pen is a gift from Allah and has the power to bring positive change into people’s hearts and lives, if used sincerely for His sake.Her aim is to raise Islamic awareness amongst the Muslim youth and to remind them of their purpose – the honor of worshiping One Lord. As the name suggests, she loves to express herself through poetry. She explores the world of imagination, spilling her thoughts on her canvas, painting it into a beautiful blend of words.A Muslimah who writes about what she feels, hoping to connect with millions of hearts out there. A budding writer with a passion for autobiographical short stories and deep reflective articles.She publishes her work on a personal blog, ‘The Muslimah Poetess’, and through social media. She is also an active member of the Young Muslimah Project, and has been a contributor to various web projects including, Muslim Eyes, Tanzeel, Ideal Muslimah, Defiance etc. She is also a member of Muslimah Writers Alliance (MWA).She plans to launch books in the near future, once she gets the grip of quality time in her hand and when Allah decrees it for her.Facebook Page : Blog : The Muslimah Poetess

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