The significance of Abraham during the month of Dzulhijjah

The significance of Abraham during the month of Dzulhijjah


The Qur’an describes Abraham as follows:

“Surely Abraham was an example, obedient to Allah, by nature upright, and he was not of the polytheists. He was grateful for Our bounties. We chose him and guided him unto a right path. We gave him good in this world, and in the next he will most surely be among the righteous.”
(Qur’an 16:120-121)

One of Abraham’s (Ibrahim ‘alaihi salaam) main trials was to face the command of Allah to kill his only son. Upon hearing this command, he prepared to submit to Allah’s will. When he was all prepared to do it,
Allah revealed to him that his “sacrifice” had already been fulfilled. He had shown that his love for his Lord (Allahu Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) superceded all others, that he would lay down his own life or the lives of those dear to him in order to submit to Allah. And Allah changes his
son’s life with a lamb was sacrificed in his place.

Allah has given us power over animals and allowed us to eat meat, but only if we pronounce His name at the solemn act of taking life. Muslims slaughter animals in the same way throughout the year. By saying the name of Allah at the time of slaughter, we are reminded that life is sacred.

Subhanallah… May we all be blessed to perform acts of Ibadat during these 10 blessed days and beyond and celebrate Eid Adha with Happiness, starts with prayer and remembrance of Allah and then the celebrations begins by visiting family, friends and the children  enjoy a special treat, wearing clean and nice cloths,  visit  a park or somewhere special.and get rewards from Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala by follow what Rasulullah did during the first ten days of Dzul hijjah….

May Allah keep us in strong “iman”, strengthen our knowledge, forgive our mistakes and keep us on the straight path within the light of Islam.



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