Time Management, Health & Fitness

Time Management, Health & Fitness
Illustration by Raimy Sofyan  Time Management, Health & Fitness zamzam Raimy Sofyan

Illustration by Raimy Sofyan

At the start of the academic year Sept 2012, I made a promise to myself..that I would keep myself productively occupied, eat and lead a healthy life. It did not seem like a tall order. I had a plan in mind. To keep myself mentally challenged, I wanted to enroll in Arabic class..and I found one which I am enjoying greatly. To keep me physically and spiritually balanced I found a pilates instructor and a fiqh/tafseer teacher. It was and has been enjoyable classes, with friends. My eldest daughter was hin school from 8 am to 2.30 pm. My then 2 1/2 year old toddler was safely at home with my trusted helper. I would snatch whatever time before or after classes to read and play with him.

But gradually as my classes kept me busy 4 days a week, I found it harder to meet up my friends. Yet at the same time if I played truant with classes, I felt that there was something missing not just in the day but the week. Certainly I could feel the difference if I skipped my pilates, I would just feel lethargic through the week. So I would go for classes first then rush off to attend the last hour of my friends’ invite. This way I did not disappoint the host and kept up with my classes.

Having been a working mum, I can totally understand how difficult it must be to carve out 15-30 minutes each day for ourselves, especially if we have young children and no home help. But it is not impossible to steal time. The 30 minutes train ride, use that to read Qur’an. Download and listen to Islamic talks while driving, preparing dinner. Walk those stairs at work instead of taking the elevator. Start an after work walking/jogging group with your colleagues.

Don’t take a doughnut and coffee break, have healthy fruit and vegetable snacks. At home ditch those store bought juices. Make immune boosting and energizing fruit and vegetable drinks yourself. Kids love to help juicing!


Dr. Rizalina Bahari

A trained GP turned stay at home mum to 2 young kids.Currently based in Jeddah.I did my medical training in Ireland. Loves experimenting with healthy recipes ,baking,reading,travelling. Challenging myself to keep fit & healthy and learn Quranic Arabic!

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