Time Management the aMuslima way.

Time Management the aMuslima way.

Bismillahirohmanirohim ~
In the name of Allah the most gracious, most merciful.

[Please note these are just my own thoughts, I welcome all comments and suggestions]

Today we will talk a little bit about utilizing ones time. It is important for the Muslim to use their time wisely. But this message is for us sisters, in particular because there is a tendency to waste time.  And do things that are of no benefit to ourselves in this dunia nor to our deen.

As you know there are tons of literatures, how-to-booksTime Management the aMuslima way. arrow, tapes, classes and videos on how to manage your time effectively and efficiently.  Subhannallah, Allah has given Muslims a way how to implement best use of our time by simply anchoring the day with Salat (=prayer).

I myself personally find that using these times as “markers” in my daily activity is an easy thing to do.  Subhannallah! I have tried all of the above using the Franklin Covey method, the GED (Getting it done) method, alarms on my calendar to buttoned-up.   These are all great planners by the way but the best of planners is Allah swt.

So…as you all know, praying five times a day is wajib ~ Fajr, Dhuhur, Ashr, Magrib & Isha.

Fajr, we breath the morning air, pray and quietly ask forgiveness (let’s say no procrastinating today!) and also wishing the best for ourselves and our families.  This in modern terms is thinking about we did and what we don’t want to repeat. Or we call this planning.

Dhuhur, after working in the morning, or taking classes its time for a break – a breather – from what we were concentrating on. Many management books extensively discuss the importance of people taking breaks throughout the day because it will increase productivity.  It also promotes health and decrease in stress levels.  Many smokers are said to be more productive than those who don’t smoke because they take frequent breaks.  Although in Islam the law is Makruh, it is better to leave it for health and monetary reasons.  Allhamdullilah for Muslims it is wajib to take a mid-day break.  This gives us time to “re-cap” what we have done that morning and what we should or could have done better.  Ah! Another step in planning!

Ashr, afternoon prayer which for those, this includes myself, is a hard one to make sure we get it on time.  There is always that late afternoon meeting, or you are trying to wrap up your day! But, as sort of a mini close on your day Ashr is most important!

Magrib, is time to reflect and be with the family, loved ones or simply time to read & recite the Qur’an.  This is the time where it is better to come inside the home – especially for children as it is said that during this time (the change between daylight and nighttime) Jin come out as well.  As we cannot see them and some are good and bad it is better to avoid.

Isha, this prayer really should mark the end of your day. After this prayer followed by Safa and Witr you should not talk or have a conversation even with your spouse.  You should try and get into the bed and sleep! To start all over again. Insha Allah!


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