Travel to Halle in Germany

Travel to Halle in Germany


Halle Saale Hauptbahnhof  Travel to Halle in Germany photo 1 Halle Saale Hauptbahnhof

Halle Saale Hauptbahnhof

During the past summer holiday, my youngest son and I stayed in Berlin, Germany for almost 2 months. Our main goal was actually to visit my eldest daughter who studies there and at the time, my eldest daughter underwent four months of training in a small town called Köthen, about 2 hours by express train from Berlin. We also had the delightful surprise of meeting other students from Euro Management who study in the region.

When students want to take a holiday they usually visit several towns in Germany. We had the chance to go to Halle with Rizka, a Euro Management student living in Berlin. It was only a 1 hour ride by express train from Berlin to Halle.

The city of Halle is not as big as Berlin, but it is full of history and spawned several German scientists. Halle is the fourth largest city in eastern Germany after Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden; and it is located within the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

A fascinating aspect about the city is that although it’s not too big, with a population of only about 240 thousand people, Halle is a city

Marktplatz Halle  Travel to Halle in Germany photo 2 Marktplatz Halle

Marktplatz Halle

that offers the most diverse cultural activities and events in Germany. Approximately 10 percent of the municipal budget is allocated for culture. Therefore, if compared with other cities in Germany or Europe – with similar size and numbers of residents, Halle is at the forefront. In terms of culture, Halle, which merely is a small town, is like a metropolis.

Georg Friedrich Haendel, a famous composer was born in Halle and every year, when summer arrives, there is an annual international festival to his memory. There are also hundreds of Cafes that stay open until dawn, cinemas, an opera house, a cabaret and various museums and theaters. And besides being a city of science, Halle is a city of culture.

There is architecture from the Middle Ages with full baroque style and according to the architects, Universitätsplatz region is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany. Halle also contains an art and design school, Burg Giebiechenstein, whose work brings modern art into the daily functions of the city – from the waiting area for the city train to the student cafeteria.

The Students  Travel to Halle in Germany photo 3 EMI Students

The Students

There are also more than 7,000 hectares of green areas and watersheds in the city of Halle suitable for those who like to walk or jog while enjoying nature. The Saale river trails give this city charisma.

Halle was the first city to introduce the city train (Strassenbahn) throughout Germany and is also the location of the first German chocolate factor. Even more interesting, instead of in the UK, the most comprehensive museum collection of the Beatles’ in the world is located in Halle!

In the words of Wolfgang Goethe, “Versäumen Sie ja nicht, sich in Halle umzuschauen” and do not forget to look around Halle.


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