Using Legos to teach the Holy Qur’an ~ Learning for all ages.

Using Legos to teach the Holy Qur’an ~ Learning for all ages.  Using Legos to teach the Holy Qur'an ~ Learning for all ages. andys comicIQRO was the first surah that was sent to Rasulullah pbuh. Thinking about it,  this makes absolute sense because it requires that all Muslims, both men and women to continue their studies without age restrictions. Although learning makes us smart, studying doesn’t always need to be done in school it can be done outside school as well.  In fact my personal opinion is that by reading (Iqra) it allows us to open our minds which then provokes questioning and answering.  It invokes curiosity. This is really the essence of learning.  

An Arabic proverb says, “Seek knowledge from cradle to grave”. Have we provide useful knowledge for our children? How much knowledge has been absorbed by our children? How we direct our children, so they get a benefit to stock them later? Also, this doesn’t JUST apply to children ~ We adults too must adhere to this call to learn! Because when we stop learning, we also stop practicing Islam to the fullest.  As adults we have a tendency to “tell” children – go learn.. but we exempt ourselves from this “learning”.  Children follow adults and if we adults are not picking up a book to learn why would our children do so? Why? Mama & Baba aren’t doing that why should I.  And when they do pick up a book to read or learn something they do it because they have to not because they want to.  This is a key factor.

So, mom, dad, uncle, auntie, grandma, grandpa let’s set an example. Lazy? tired? Our children are our Hasanah in this dunia.  Without good hasanah our ticket to Jannah is deeply discounted. Do you want to travel on a discounted ticket to Jannah? … I believe not.

Okay, so you also may be bored in picking up a book because it is a personal and passive tool for learning.  Children too get bored.  Nowadays, with the age of the internet, iphone, ipad, smart phones and other wonderful play gadgets children tend to lean toward “interactive learning”.  So, why not use toys such as Lego’s to teach Islam.  These toys can help us (parents, teachers) teach children how to pray, praying, read holy quran. Explore the meaning of paragraph from holy quran , letter by letter in quran, explaining what is conveyed by the prophets we even slipped a good character as a Muslim and Muslimah.

Teaching kids the Holy Quran the readingwithmeaning blog is one example of media for children, so children easily absorb and make sense of what is contained in the Quran revealed by our last prophet. Blog that started from a hobby game that is very in by the children enjoy doing but can create a lesson a good lesson for many parents and even children that learn not only from school but the environment and children’s games media make their learning

Teaching kids the holy Quran made by Mezba a canadian and proud to be a Muslim and not a cover his identity that he was a love quran and always showed his identity as a Muslim to learn the Quran for children more easier and more enjoyable. By using Legos he has made learning Quran into  easy, loved and popular games for kids, making Mezba blog can be one alternative and the idea that our kids loved the Quran

When my 11 years boy saw this blog, Mashaallah…he look excited with it because he also has a  project film from his lego toys and he faced difficult for remembering Koran. And now he more keen for remembering Koran by playing with his lego.

Let’s be creative!


Euis Fauziah

The author is a mother of three, living in Indonesia. She loves children; and education is her expertise.

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