Vaccination from an Islamic View Point (Part 2)

Vaccination from an Islamic View Point (Part 2)

Is the vaccine a conspiracy theory of the West?

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These days, conspiracy theories seem abundant over just about anything. Apparently there are groups (albeit a handful) of Muslims or Malays who hold that vaccines are an evil mastermind of the Israelis/Jews against Muslims as a means of weakening/annihilating the future Ummah. Now if this conspiracy is valid, then why just stop at vaccines? Why no theories over our lifestyles, the clothes we wear, the technology we use such as the ipad, Facebook, Google, smart phones, and video games? All of which were developed by the West? And why, if indeed the target is annihilation of the Ummah, does the West aggressively promote vaccination programs for their own citizens, including non Muslims?

Epidemiologically, vaccination programs have shown a decrease in infectious disease worldwide. Small pox eradication is proof of the success of vaccination programs. When we become obsessed with various theories, we end up fearing the presumed side effects of vaccines rather than the infectious disease itself.

Vaccine link with Autism

The vaccine is NOT a cause of autism. The link was made through a study by Dr Andrew Wakefield, a British ssurgeon who has since been blacklisted by the General Medical council of UK and his article retracted by the journals that published them. Vaccines act on the immune system, whereas autism is brain related and the pathophysiology of each is different. The rise in cases of autism worldwide is primarily due to awareness of the condition, early detection, and better understanding.

Yes, mercury and thimerisol may be constituents of vaccines, but in minute quantities. Your fish, seafood and the vitamin supplements that you consume contain more mercury.

Ethyl mercury in a vaccine is a mere 2mcg/kg/week, whereas in daily food it could exceed 159mcg/kg/week.


Translated from original article written by Dr Fahisham Taib, Consultant Paediatrician, University Science Malaysia Hospital.

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