When Mekkah Greets Rain

When Mekkah Greets Rain


Today I only had one lecture from 10 am until 11:40 am.  As I await at the bus stations after  class, I find myself staring outside Jami’ah.  And what I saw  were that many students were sitting talking and joking.  Watching them makes me think and as I gaze more, my eyes move toward the sky.  I realize the students were avoiding the heat thus most of them didn’t want to meet at the sahah.  But as I watch them and the growing cloudiness in the sky their movements move toward the cornucopia crowded at sahah campus.

“Subhanallahanalladzi yusabbihur ra’ad bihamdihi walmalaikatihi min khifatihi. Glory to Allah the Almighty, thunder and angels also glorify Him because of fear to Allah!” Slowly spontaneous prayer uttered, each eye collided with lightning and thunder.

The atmosphere is often seen every time the rain will greet us. Perhaps because of the rain becomes a very rare sight in the life of Arab society. Greetings that you will not find at people who live in a country which has rain as their daily lives. But, here people in Mekkah acclaimed every sign of rain before it is flushed them.

Satisfied to see the outdoor, I speed up the pace, so I will not miss the bus to the sakan at 12am. Alhamdulillah, though panting I wear an abaya and I continued my step into the ash Sarhad bus and took a seat at the front, so that I will have a chance to walk into the elevator and go up the fourth floor without gasping. I also want to pamper my eyes to see a bolt of lightning and thunder, so I always realize to pray. Is not every prayer would be worth the reward, which means it will increase my saving in akhirat, inshaAllah?

Arriving at the sakan, directly in prayer and returned to my thoughts.  There was a distant noise, applause and shrill whistling cheered. Suddenly my concentration shattered and rushed toward the sound source. The same excitement I saw on campus seen emblazoned on the face of my friends at the sakan in that afternoon. They ran toward sutuh, an open space on the fifth floor. Excitement that reminded me of a story of the Prophet peace be upon him with his companions every rain comes, through Anas, the atmosphere was alive in my mind.

“We were subjected to rain, and with us Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him then open his shirt to sense the rain, we also asked, why are you doing this? Prophet then said: because the rain is a new covenant with the Lord. ”

Whenever it happens, becomes the reason for me to participate in the excitement that comes along with the rain. Since the Prophet peace be upon him has also said in a hadith:

“The two things that no one’s prayers will be rejected, i.e. the time between prayer and iqomah and when it rains.” Given the hadith creates awareness on heart say a prayer. Allahumma soyyiban nafi’an. O Allah makes the raindrops beneficial for our lives. That’s among the Sunnah prayer that we pray when the rain comes to live the earth, hoping also to turn the barren heart which is getting tired with the live burden of the world. Until the realization back that life in this world is charitable fields and become part of our daily life.


Sister Taqiyyah M. Shams El Arifin

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