Who wants to be the Next World Muslimah 2013? Deadline Extended.

Who wants to be the Next World Muslimah 2013? Deadline Extended.
All Finalists  Who wants to be the Next World Muslimah 2013? Deadline Extended. ALL FINALIS1

All Finalists

Based on the ideals to improve the ability of women to develop themselves, orientation to family, and social potential, an organization called World Muslim Foundation (WMF) was established. World Muslim Foundation, which was formed in 1st August 2011 by Eka Shanty, former TV Journalist & Islamic Marketing & Branding Consultant in Jakarta Indonesia.

WMF is a Non-Government Organization to strengthen Muslim Women self-development and character up to become Sholehah (pious), Smart, and Stylish. The organization is focused on Muslim Women Appreciation, Education and

The World Muslimah 2012  and Runner Up  Who wants to be the Next World Muslimah 2013? Deadline Extended. 130222 Wardah MMB103119

The World Muslimah 2012 and Runner Up

Empowerment to advance Muslim Women potency in supporting Jakarta Declaration 2012 on “Strengthening Women’s Participation and Role in Economic Development in OIC Member States”. The organization is engaged in Education, Empowerment and International Awarding Charity Event. For nearly three years of its establishment, the organization has scored almost 2000 gifted young Muslim women.

aMuslima.com got a chance to meet Nina Septiani, the winner of World Muslimah 2012 and other 6 winners who were awarded for umraa journey to Mecca in end of May, 2013.

Crying Moment Nina Septiani  Who wants to be the Next World Muslimah 2013? Deadline Extended. CRYING MOMENT NINA

Crying Moment Nina Septiani

To be a winner, the young woman should be able to beat hundreds to over a thousand candidates from around the world. Process undertaken to elect finalists are really interesting. They are required to make a short essay in registration form about Hijab experience, Social activities & their Achievements. If the contestants selected to be semi-finalists, they are required to create video profile duration of 3 minutes, which then uploaded on youtube.com. The video is semi documentary movie about contestant’s daily lives and their Al Qur’an Reading proficiencies.

The jury will then select the 20 finalists to invite to Jakarta to attend Grand Final event and to improve their capability in some workshop series about Al Qur’an & Fiqh for women, Islamic Economics, Islamic Fashion, Creative artworks, Halal beauty & healthcare.

Uniquely, to determine the winner of the first prize, the judges no longer play a role, because the decision of the winner is in the hands of children of orphaned, those who will choose the winner who in their view deserve to get the first prize.

If you are a Muslim woman in full hijab with 18-27 years of age, have the ability to read Quran properly, has achievements in sports, academics, art, and culture. Willing to travel around the world for social, empowerment, and education programs then you eligible to register to become the next World Muslimah 2013.

You can register online from June 10-July 18, 2013 to http://kom.ps/worldmuslimah or access to http://ads2.kompas.com/layer/wmf/03/ and have the chance to win Umraa journey, saving account worth to USD 10,000 and educational trip to India, Turkey & Brunei Darussalam.

Are you a talented one?

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