Women Perform Hajj without Mahram?

Women Perform Hajj without Mahram?

Month of pilgrimage is only a month away. Muslim / Muslimat around the world who intend to perform Hajj are getting ready to leave for the holy city of Makkah Al-Mukaramah. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and must be carried out for those who can afford. How is pilgrimage for women? Is still obliged whether it is without mahram? Here’s a brief review about the Muslimah pilgrimage.

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From Ibn Abbas RA that he had heard the words of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh in his speech: “Do not let a man alone with a woman, except the woman is with her mahram. And women do not travel except with her mahram. “A man stood up and said:” O Messenger of Allah, my wife is going out for Hajj, while I actually have to leave  for a war. The Prophet pbuh said: “Go hajj with your wife “(muttafaq ‘alaih).

And from Abu Sa’id RA that the Prophet had forbidden women traveling for  two days or two nights, except with her husband or her mahram (muttafaq ‘alaih).

From the above hadith shows that Hajj is not obligatory upon women unless there is a mahram.

According to the four schools and many scholars agree that a husband or a mahram is obligatory when a woman is about to go for Hajj although there are also scholars i.e. Ibn Taymiyyah said that a woman who performs Hajj without a mahram is valid, as well as people who perform hajj; although actually they do not meet the requirement.

Thus if there is a woman who has not been able to go for Hajj but she still go after known that the journey is safe, then her Hajj is valid insha Allah. Wallahu a’lam.



Source: Fiqhul Mar’ah Al Muslimah

by Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Jamal


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