World Interfaith Harmony Week #WIHW2015 With Elizabeth Lymer

World Interfaith Harmony Week #WIHW2015 With Elizabeth Lymer

The World Interfaith Harmony Week is celebrated during the first week of February and is based on The Common Word initiative which calls for Muslim and Christian leaders to engage in a dialogue based on two common fundamental religious Commandments; Love of God, and Love of the Neighbour, without nevertheless compromising any of their own religious tenets.

In collaboration with Elizabeth Lymer and Seemee Khan, Mindworks Publishing is commemorating this week with poetry recitations. Sister Elizabeth Lymer recites her poem, Hush Little Baby, as part of the Mindworks Publishing Interfaith Project The Muslimah Speaks: Her Voice, Her Spirit. In addition, a Women of Faith Twitter Chat for World Faith Harmony Week 2015 was held on Thursday February 5th with Sister Seemee and Sister Elizabeth Lymer – you can view the conversations by searching the hashtags:

#LoveAtFirstSight #WIHW2015

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Janette Grant

Janette Grant is the author of several books and a founding member of the Muslimah Writers Alliance (MWA), an internationally based collaboration of Muslim women writers and advocates working to counter negative and inaccurate perceptions of members of the Muslim community. She is a revert to Islam and currently owns and runs Mindworks Publishing, a community based desktop publishing business.

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