#WorldHijabDay Post Trump Election.

#WorldHijabDay Post Trump Election.

#WorldHijabDay in Post Trump Election @Research Triangle Park, Raleigh-Durham North Carolina.

Today marks the historic #WorldHijabDay but, in a Post Trump Election.

My day started out at 6am, like any other Wednesday, I run around during the typical morning rush: shower-clothes-coffee-bagels-lunches-and packing the car! Then we, the entire family, were off to the races!  However, I didn’t forget that today marks #WorldHijabDay and remembered to grab my giant zip-lock bag filled with scarves.  While grabbing the bag I thought to myself, how in the world would people in my co-working space react to my stating #WorldHijabDay and ask them to try on the hijab, take a photo while holding up the #WorldHijabDay?  Ah! My heart aflutter! But no time to mull! Onward! Time to get going, drop kiddo and get my mind prepped on this morning meeting & presentation with a roomful of entrepreneurs!

8:15am @RTP

Upon arrival, of course, more rushing around – LOL.  But, I managed to squeeze in to ask the coordinator if it would be okay if I could set up a table in the main hall with a sign #WorldHijabDay asking people to check it out, ask questions, wear the hijab – She said YES! Yes of course! More than welcome to do so! (WOW! Note, this is a co-working space where people come to meet and work.  People are here to work and do business. To top it off, I am the only hijabi who works in this space.) Alright, cool!…Now, how exactly will I announce this? Ah… my giant ziplock bag stuffed with scarves sitting in the meeting room – and while pointing to my giant bag this is how I made my announcement about #WorldHijabDay.  I also announced that I would have a table in the main hall later that morning after my other meetings.

10:30am @RTP

Meeting is about to commence, giant zip-lock bag of scarves  set on the floor near the alcove of my meeting area.  I enter and start my meetings.

Then the interruption starts. *This is a GOOD THING!!

A young lady interrupts very politely and asks if I would be around in 30 mins or so she is interested in this #WorldHijabDay.  I nod and think to myself, OK. Cool.

My meeting continues (at this point I wrote #WorldHijabDay on a piece of paper that I ripped out of a notebook) and one by one ladies come up to me and ask me about #WorldHijabDay. (I AM LOVING THIS!!) At this point I am phasing in and out of my meeting – bless the hearts of these guys having the patience dealing with all the interruptions! Thank you gentlemen!!  The ladies take the hijab’s out of my giant ziplock demanding to see them and they willingly put them on – while also asking me to help them! A good friend of mine-colleague-fearless leader tells me to get a table and spread the hijab’s out. Imagine, crinkled up hijab’s (these are just my personal hijab’s) on a table with the sign #WorldHijabDay.  One by one line up and wear the hijab, snap a picture, I tell them about the hijab and what it means then we give each other a big hug and promise to be in touch! A warm feeling washes over me.  I feel like a glow in the dark lamp.

worldhijabday worldhijabday #WorldHijabDay Post Trump Election. IMG 0071

I am truly truly honored with the open heart that these women, guys and people have had today.  The feeling today was of the America I know. The welcoming arms, openness as well as just plain old respect.  Those who weren’t interested went about their business, and those who were interested openly showed it.  This is the America I know and love.  This is the freedom that we the world talks about.  This is the environment that fosters growth from diversity.  At the end of the day, we are all people, all people from all walks of life, race, religion, gender, affiliation want acceptance and opportunity to live a good life.  It is the responsibility of those whom people look up to, to those who are in the position of power (in today’s case it was the coordinators and the founders of this co-working space) to foster just that.  Look when that happens.  Magic. Warm. Love. Peace. Fun. Creativity. And in today’s case, business opportunities happened.

The key take away is, when adversity hits, when someone creates a non-conducive situation it’s up to us -Yeah ALL of us – to take a chance on each other.  We are all afraid but (in my opinion) we fear, Fear itself or could it be external forces? We need to step out and interact with each other.  Trust and be accepting to all people.  Sometimes it may not be positive or agreeable but it doesn’t need to be in an impolite way.  All I say is take a chance. It’s time to take action in everything we do or someone else will take action for us.

Here are some pictures of today’s #WorldHijabDay.  I am truly touched by everyone’s participation and support.  Thank you. Thank you all. XOXOXO.

worldhijabday worldhijabday #WorldHijabDay Post Trump Election. IMG 0035 e1485999824693

Me & Amal

worldhijabday worldhijabday #WorldHijabDay Post Trump Election. IMG 0036 e1486000019807

Me & fellow entrepreneur

worldhijabday worldhijabday #WorldHijabDay Post Trump Election. IMG 0037 e1486000270137

Me & Peppi

worldhijabday worldhijabday #WorldHijabDay Post Trump Election. IMG 0040 e1486000411751

Me & Margaret

worldhijabday worldhijabday #WorldHijabDay Post Trump Election. IMG 0042 e1486002406165

Me & Beautiful lady

worldhijabday worldhijabday #WorldHijabDay Post Trump Election. IMG 0053 e1486002591503

Me & Krissa (She wore it the rest of the day!)

IMG_0061 worldhijabday #WorldHijabDay Post Trump Election. IMG 0061

The Ladies!

worldhijabday worldhijabday #WorldHijabDay Post Trump Election. IMG 0065

Me & The Ladies

worldhijabday worldhijabday #WorldHijabDay Post Trump Election. IMG 0066

Me & Lorrie

worldhijabday worldhijabday #WorldHijabDay Post Trump Election. IMG 0073 e1486003390254

Me & Sister Noffisat



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